“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” --Andrew Carnegie




The varsity team is comprised of 18 riders from around the world. The roster includes national champions, Worlds team members, state champions, and National Team riders. As a team, riders work together to achieve both personal and team goals. Most of the varsity roster has aspirations of racing professionally upon graduation, and, in some cases, varsity riders are already currently riding on UCI professional teams. 

At MSA, riders can either enter the program as varsity athletes or work their way onto varsity roster through the junior varsity and JV devo program. The varsity elite team travels extensively to races around the United States and trains together seven days a week during the academic year. Being a varsity member of the MSA cycling team is similar to riding on a professional team in terms of support, sponsorship requirements, and race schedule. 



2017 VARSITY Team

Katie Clouse (Junior)
Park City, Utah
Current USA XC, Short-Track, and Cyclocross National Champion
2nd Road & Criterium National Championships

Lucas Mariutti
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Runner-up VAHS State Championship

David Yang (Senior)
Beijing, China

Gentry Jefferson (Senior)
Hagerstown, Maryland
Current Cyclocross & XC State Champion (VA & MD)

Luca Scuriatti (Freshman)
Washington D.C.

Sam Roach (Sophomore)
Roanoke, Virginia
3rd USA Cycling XC National Championships

Jackson Hotchkiss (Sophomore)
Lexington, Virginia

Thomas Deshaies (Junior)
Quebec, Canada
6th Canadian 17-18 Road Race National Championships

Marshall Eanes (Junior)--DEVO
Prince William County, Virginia

Richard Hoge (Senior)--DEVO
Waynesboro, Virginia

Che Louis (Senior)--DEVO
Charlottesville, VA

Loick Derquenne (Sophomore)--DEVO
Charlottesville, VA

Kewei Li (Senior)--DEVO


Evan Clouse (Senior)
Park City, Utah
2017 US National Team - Paris Roubaix
2016 Team Time Trial National Championships - 3rd
2016 Junior Tour Of Ireland: 4th General Classification

Jane Tullis (Junior)
South Bend, Indiana
3rd USA Cycling National Championships Crit
USA Triathlon Worlds Team selection

Gus Myers (Senior)
Princeton, New Jersey
Multi-time VAHS winner

Coleson Lyndsey (Freshman)
Richmond, Virginia
Virginia State Champion (VAHS middle school)
10th USA Triathlon National Championships

Cassy Mcphee (Senior)
Hamilton, Bermuda
1st Bermuda Junior Criterium National Championships
3rd VAHS MTB Series

Connor Benson (Sophomore)
North Carolina

Simon Jones (Junior)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
USA National Team Member

Andre Campos (Sophomore)--DEVO
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Jay Drake (Junior)--DEVO
Charlottesville, VA

Maximus Oleynik (Freshman)--DEVO
Rockcreek, Maryland

Julia Martins (Junior)--DEVO
Sao Paulo, Brazil