TAB Questions

HometownSao Paulo, Brasil


Pepe. I don't really know where it came from, but I think my family gave it to me because I’ve always been called Pepe.  

Strengths as a Student-Athlete: 

I try to be happy and have fun. Time goes by faster when you try to have fun and make the most out of things.

Favorite Food: 

Chipotle. I don't think i need to explain why, but I will give a brief explanation: you basically feel like you are in heaven, so when you want to have a idea what heaven feels like just go to Chipotle.  

Favorite Class at MSA:

Land Management because I get to cut trees down, and I learn some really useful skills.

Favorite Ride in Charlottesville:

Mud House Loop because it's David Yang’s Grand Fondo and is the most epic ride you can ever do.

Favorite Trail on MSA Campus:

I don't have a favorite one, really. When I ride, I just go where the trials take me to.

Favorite Race:

Green Mountain Stage Race in Vermont because of the car trip and because we have fun with Coach Robb. And we go cliff jumping.

Best Memory as a Member of the MSA Endurance Team:

When the whole team went to Olive Garden during a trip to Tour of the Battenkill and Coach Robb gave the best answer possible to the attendant when asked if he would like cheese on his pasta: "I love cheese," said Coach Robb. I could not stop laughing, and still laugh every time I think of that moment!


Pedro martins

CLASS: Senior




  • 52nd UCI Road Cycling World Championships, TT
  • 1st VAHS MTB Series, JV
  • 15th Brazilian National Time Trial Championships
  • UCI Road Cycling World Championships, Road Race
Pedro has raced at the highest level of the sport and shown that he has the talent to compete with the best. He has a personality that will light up a room. In terms of power on the bike, Pedro has shown huge talent and capability.
— Andrea Dvorak

Watch Pedro's senior chapel talk.