TAB Questions

Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Lucas Motor Oil, I have no idea why, but Jake King calls me that.

Strengths as a Student-Athlete:

I work hard both on the bike and in the classroom.

Favorite Food:

Burgers and fries. What’s better than eating a post race burger and fries.

Favorite Class at MSA:

Design and Build, I love woodworking. 

Favorite Ride in Charlottesville:

Andy’s Loop. It just has so much variety. It’s about 75 miles with some really steep climbs, a couple hard gravel climbs such as Campbell’s and great views. The gravel downhills make all the pain worth it.

Favorite Trail on MSA Campus:

Burke’s Run. The flow is real.

Favorite Race:

Green Mountain Stage Race. This year’s edition (2016) was my second stage race, and I learned a lot. My results were not as I expected, but I feel like that race just taught me so much. I have been riding for exactly one year now, and am motivated and looking forward for all the upcoming adventures on my bike.

Best Memory as a Member of the MSA Endurance Team:

This did not feel good at all, but it sure is good to remember. Before coming to Miller, I lived in Brazil and Florida, and all I did was race BMX. I would rarely ride MTB or road. I would ride road once a month just to make my family happy (my whole family is into road and MTB) and I HATED it. When I came to Miller, I still could not accept the fact that I was not going to be able to race BMX anymore. Anyways, my first day at Miller and Coach Guptill and Adam Cohen took me on an MTB ride around campus. We hit this long climb called Puke Hill and stopped for a little bit on top of it. After a couple minutes of talking I let it all out. I was embarrassed to throw up in front of my future coach but it was a really funny moment. I like this memory because it makes me realize that if you are dedicated to something you can do anything. In one year of cycling I progressed so much. From that little kid puking on Puke Hill during what would be an easy ride now, to a dedicated and fierce cyclist. One year ago, I hated cycling. Now, I love every second of it.




CLASS: Sophomore




  • 1st Virginia State Hill Climb State Championship 
  • 2nd National Interscholastic Cycling Association RACE 3
  • 3rd National Interscholastic Cycling Association RACE 2
  • 1st Virginia State Hill Climb State Championship
  • 8th Brazilian Mountain Bike National Championsips
  • 6th Overall VAHS MTB Series (Varsity) 
  • 42nd Overall Green Mountain Stage Race


  • 1st Overall National Interscholastic Cycling Association (JV)


This guy is insanely strong and is only a tenth grader. Coming from a BMX background, Lucas’ skill set on the mountain bike and raw strength on the road bike, make him a threat across all disciplines. A legend in the making...
— Andrea Dvorak