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Kinetic Trainers partnered with MSA Endurance to ensure athletes never miss a day of training. Team riders use the Kinetic Road Machine with Smart Power to maximize training on days when the weather prevents outdoor training. With Smart Power, riders are able to track their power accurately without the use of one-the-bike power meters. The benefits of this are huge for both athletes and coaches. The coaching staff can use iPhones and iPads to monitor athletes' power numbers throughout the ride. 

Canadian, Laurent Gervais focuses during 3-hour trainer session during the recent snow storm. 

Pedro Martins, who recently competed in UCI Road Cycling World Championships, monitors his power on iPhone during tempo effort.

Even with 12 trainers rolling, the room is quiet thanks to Kinetic's smooth and efficient trainer design.

Coach Guptill reviews Thomas' interval using Kinetic App for iPad.  

Lucas uses iPad App to monitor his watts and ride time.