TAB Questions

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec


People have been calling me Larry for a long time. But now, Larry stands for a big berm, Garry stands for a small berm, coach Guptill came up with that during the MTB north Carolina trip, but Gentry actually started calling me Garry.

Strengths as a Student-Athlete:

Strong GPA, I am well organized and I can combine academics and athletics easily.

Favorite Food:

Burgers, there’s nothing better than a burger.

Favorite Class at MSA:

Favorite class at Miller is Land management taught by Coach Guptill himself, because there is a mix of everything. We learn things in class that I would never thought I would learn and we work outdoor, which brings something different than any other courses. I also like mathematics.

Favorite Ride in Charlottesville:

River Loop….or not. My favorite ride is definitely what we call the Andy’s Loop, starting with the famous gravel climb Jarmans Gap, where I still try to get the KOM from Ben King, which will probably never happen. This ride is a mix of gravel roads and paved ones with hard climbs and steep descent. A perfect 5-hour ride.

Favorite Trail on MSA Campus:

Burke’s run, definitely. It has a lot of flow and this is what I need to go fast, because otherwise, I go slow. Unfortunately, I don’t have any skills on a mountain bike.

Favorite Race:

GMSR, it is an epic race. Especially the criterium downtown burlington with the amazing crowd every year. It is usually the last race of the season and this race is the perfect way to end a season.

Best Memory as a Member of the MSA Endurance Team:

Best memories would be the long trips with the team. Especially both trips to GMSR, a lot of Chief Keef and some more exciting stuff all provided by Pedro Martins. Another good memory would also be the 15 hour ride from Miller to Arkansas with Coach Guptill to compete in my first UCI race.


Laurent Gervais

CLASS: Senior




  • Green Mountain Stage Race, stage 2 - 4th (Pro/1)
  • Participated in 3 UCI races: Joe martin (2.2), Saguenay (2.2) and Delta Road race (1.2)

  • Virginia’s Blue Ridge Twilight Criterium - 9th (Pro/1)

  • U23 TT National Championship - 13th

  • Mardi Lachine - 3rd


  • Quebec Time trial championship - Vice Champion 2nd
  • Tour de l’Abitibi stage 1 - 7th

  • GP Charlevoix - 5th overall

  • Brossard and Presentation criterium - 1st


  • TT Canadian National Championship - 9th
  • Criterium National Championship - 4th

  • Best rookie/revelation of the 2014 Tour de l’Abitibi

  • Wearer of the leader’s jersey at GMSR - 4th overall

  • 2013 Quebec Time Trial Champion


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