TAB Questions

Hometown: Park City, Utah


German/Mr. Clouse - Everybody calls me that because of my heritage.

Additional Teams: 

  • Hot Tubes Cycling Team
  • USA National Team

Strengths as a Student-Athlete:

Climbing and General Classification. I enjoy the races that are truly grueling. I enjoy Math a lot and learning new languages.

Favorite Food:

Pizza, I have had it all over the world, it’s cool seeing how it tastes in different places and it tastes unique to all other foods.

Favorite Class at MSA:

Pre-Calculus - I have always enjoyed math and I really like getting big problems and working my way through the problem to solve it.

Favorite Ride in Charlottesville:

Afton Mountain - It’s a very nice climb, and riding to it through Mountain Road creates a beautiful, scenic view of the mountains, and once to the top of Afton you can see the whole valley and it is a truly amazing view.

Favorite Campus MTB Trail:

France's Loop

Favorite Race:

Peace Race (Course de La Paix) - One of the most beautiful and challenging races I’ve ever done. It was in Northern Czech Republic on the German border, it created a love for me in that area.

Best Memory as a Member of the MSA Endurance Team:

As I am very knew to the team, I really enjoyed Green Mountain Stage Race, met all my new teammates and a good, quality weekend.









  • Tour of America’s Dairyland Urban Bay View - 1st

  • HiLLinois Road Race Cat 1/2 - 2nd

  • Tour of America’s Dairyland Cat 2/3 - 3rd

  • Junior Tour Of Ireland - 4th Overall; 3rd Stage Three

  • San Dimas Stage Race - 4th Overall

  • Driedaasge van Axel-Most Agressive Rider Stage 2

  • Team Time Trial Nationals - 3rd

  • USA Road Nationals - 7th

  • National Team Member - Course de la Paix, Kermesse Block


  • U.S Cyclocross Nationals - 5th

  • Pan-American Games Cyclocross - 5th

  • UCI Cincy King CC - 3rd

  • Azencross Loenhout UCI (Bel) - 14th


  • USA Road Nationals - 3rd

  • Tour of West Flanders - 8th GC


  • 2013 Cyclocross Nationals - 2nd

  • 2012 Mountain Bike nationals - 5th
“Evan is a remarkably talented student-athlete with international racing experience at the highest level in several disciplines of the sport. He has worked with Toby Stanton and Billy Innes—two of the best directors in the business. With the resources and development opportunities he has at Miller School of Albemarle, his focus and results will continue to improve.”
— Andrea Dvorak