TAB Questions



Beijing, China


David. When I was taking English class in kindergarten, my English teacher told me that I need an English name since she believed that someday I will study abroad. Then I got this name, and have kept using it for more than a decade. I’ve gone by this name even longer than my Chinese name.

Strengths as a Student-Athlete:

Even though I considers cycling a huge and important part of my life, I still believe that academic achievement is crucial for me. Balancing plays a big role in this kind of life. I have a high GPA, and ambition for accomplishing harder academic tasks.

Favorite Food:

Chipotle for life!

Favorite Class at MSA:

AP Statistics. It is a fun class. I am not a ordinary Chinese student who likes and is good at math, but I do love statistics. The process of analyzing data and drawing conclusions from them.

Favorite Ride in Charlottesville:

Extend Mudhouse Loop. This route is about 25km and goes by Mudhouse, which is a local coffee shop  one of my favorite places to go. Usually I do this ride on Friday afternoon as a recovery spin and reward for a busy week. Everyone on the team knows that I love “Mudhouse route” so much, so I think we will make it into “David Yang’s Gran Fondo” in the future.

Favorite Trail on MSA Campus:

France’s Loop. The first time I rode this trail was in the 2015 VAHS series, before I was even on the MSA Endurance Team. I got my first top 10 finish in an XC mountain bike race on this trail. After I joined MSA, I had my first podium finish on this course. I have to say that this trail is the most telling witness of my improvement on a bike.

Favorite Race:

Green Mountain Stage Race. This is the first stage race I have ever raced. Even though I withdrew from the race after an asthma attack during stage 2, I still enjoyed the race and came out from it stronger and better. More importantly, I traveled and lived with the whole team throughout the entire week, we had fun and raced hard.

Best Memory as a Member of the MSA Endurance Team:

The fall NICA series. I started my first ever mountain bike race three years ago at NICA. At that time, I wasn’t a good rider. But I grew up through the NICA series and over seasons of’ NICA racing. Now I can be one of the top riders on the podium, and helped MSA get the first place team.








  • VAHS MTB Series State Championship - 4th

  • VAHS MTB RACE 3 - 2nd

  • NICA Virginia League Race #1 JV - 3rd

  • NICA Virginia League Race #4 JV - 4th

  • NICA Virginia League Overall JV - 4th


  • Jefferson Cup Road Race Juniors 17/18 - 3rd

  • Green Mountain Stage Race Junior Race Participant

Cross Country

  • VIC Cross Country Championships - 16th

Zhihang (David) Yang is a prime example that hard work, determination, and perseverance pay off. He came to Miller School of Albemarle as an ambitious but inexperienced mountain biker, and through seasons of hard work has advanced to a Varsity member of the team that we rely on and look to for success.
— Andrea Dvorak