Elevating the Campus Trails Experience 

With a great network of trails comes great responsibility. Trails and features need to be enjoyable, sustainable, and cater to the needs and interests of users while at the same time being safe and inviting. It is with the latter two points in mind that the Campus Trails service group and Endurance Team, along with students in the Design/Build program, have embarked on a mission to enhance the mapping and marking of all campus trails. 

Over the next three months, new trails will be labeled, kiosk maps will be updated, and all major trail intersections will include proper signage including locator maps. Additionally, several of the newest advanced trails will feature directional signage to guide intermediate-level users towards less technical terrain. So next time you are enjoying a ride or run on the trails, send some thoughts of thanks to all of the students who helped keep you safe and able to find your way back to Old Main.